Toto Junction-City Centre (Posta)

Toto Junction Ltd
Located at 2200/6 Mkwepu Street
Samora / Mkwepu Street
Monday - Friday: 9am - 5:30pm
Saturday: 10am - 4pm
Sunday + Public Holiday: CLOSED



Directions from Oysterbay/Mwenge

1) Cross Selander Bridge and stay on Ali Hassan Mwinyi Road (towards City Centre)
2) Left on OHIO Street (towards Serena Hotel)
3) Right at Samora Avenue
4) Continue straight.
5) You will come to the ASKARI MONUMENT roundabout - Continue straight
6) Your first left is Mkwepu Street
7) Toto Junction LTD will be on your left hand side

Directions from Airport

1) Go straight on Nyere Road until Nkurumah Street
2) Right on Nkurumah Street (Towards clock tower)
3) At clock tower roundabout, take 3rd right towards Central Police
4) Left at Central Police station
5) Left on Bridge street (opposite Zanzibat Ferry Terminal)
6) Right at Mansfield Street (After St. Joseph Church)
7) Toto Junction is at the end of the Road