Virtual Shopping @ Toto Junction

Short on time? Stuck at home?

Toto Junction VIRTUAL SHOPPING is now available!
Make a 30 minute WHATSAPP video appointment with us, and a salesperson will show you products, answer questions and organize delivery to your doorstep.
We try to make this PERSONAL SHOPPING experience just as if you were in the store.

How does it work?

1) Schedule a 30 minute appointment through Whatsapp, by clicking the button below.
2) We will ask you questions about the items you need and are looking for
3) At the scheduled time, we will call you through WHATSAPP VIDEO, and our salespeople will help suggest the perfect choices for you
4) We will organize delivery of the items you choose to your doorstep
All we ask is that you are AVAILABLE and give us your FULL attention at the time you choose to make an appointment.
For more questions, click below and send us a message.

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